20 October 2008

Hook 'em!

We went to Austin this weekend because it was Ray's birthday weekend and he wanted to go to the Texas game with his bestfriend, Mitch. So we went down there Friday after we both got off of work, left the dogs at my parents, and spent the night in the parking lot to make sure we got the tailgaiting spot they desired (hardcore I know)! This is how we slept...
on couch cushions covered in blankets, ofcourse with everything shut, it was actually a cool night and I didn't mind sleeping there much at all. We went to game day and saw all of the awesomely ridiculous signs.... and then we tailgated for 12, yes I said 12, like 10 plus 2, HOURS!!!Although fun, longest day ever! We got to see some of our really good friends that we hadn't seen since we moved back to Houston, so that was really awesome! All in all good weekend, below is a photo of DKR... the most beautiful and gigantic stadium I've ever been to!

It was Avery's first tailgate, this is the Cooper family, SO ADORABLE!

....and this is how you can tell someone is a serious fan!

Thought I would share a Longhorn quote with you all...

"Football doesn't build character. It eliminates the weak ones." -- Darrell Royal

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