12 February 2009


Well we had a bingo night at work yesterday and it was so much fun! I was nominated to be the bingo caller, and gratefully so, it was a great release for this stressful time in my life! I'm not sure which staff member came up with this idea, but it was a great one! Bingo night, which will be taking place on the second Wednesday of each month, is a great way for new moms or soon to be moms to get out of the house, enjoy a fun game, and win some wonderful prizes! My favorite win of the night is pictured to the right, she won 4 hours of babysitting and could not have been more excited. As we were playing the next round she exclaimed, "YES!" and we thought she had another bingo, but then she said "We can go out on St. Patrick's Day!" This bingo night is the first time she'd been away from her baby since it was born. We all had such a great time, even the staff members were all reminiscing around the center today! Personally I'm looking forward to the next Motherhood Center Bingo Night! Any women are welcome, it's $20 and includes daubers, cards, wine, and snacks! So fun!

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