15 May 2009

Summertime Summertime!!!

Just thought I'd share a few signs of my favorite things about summer! The upper left photo is of my gorgeous dogs, or should I say children, we were outside using the day to work on the yard, love the sunshine! The upper right hand is my first snow cone of the summer, mmm, snow cones, you have to love Texas! The middle right photo is a picture that Ray took of my brother and I for my mom for mother's day, which I believe is the true sign summer is coming! The bottom right is sweet Bella, a friend of mines dog who was exhausted from the sunshine! The bottom left photo is a little more representative of spring, I planted some seed and now all of them are growing like crazy! This is what's going on in my world! What do you find the most exciting sign of summer? I love summer, as long as I can manage to keep cool in this Texas heat!



  1. Bella looks like cute! My little girl is a star! haha

  2. Jenny -
    God is good! What a beautiful story you have to tell. Thank you for sharing with us. Mike, Janie, Gage and Gav


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