12 October 2009

Edith's Fashion Shoot!

This Edith, who is a super sweet, gorgeous girl! She came in to take some pictures before going to her homecoming at Spring High School so that she could surprise her mom with a unique birthday gift! Edith looks absolutely stunning in these! We did some in the studio, then just around Old Town Spring, and then some on the rail road tracks, what a fun shoot! I had a great time doing it and Edith was fine with whatever ideas I had for her (including confetti and trudging through grass in stilettos!) :) Anyways, hope you enjoy these! Happy fall by the way, I can't believe Halloween is only a few short weeks away. Which by the way means that Christmas is just around the corner, if you haven't scheduled your shoot with me, hurry up! We'll need time to design those Christmas Cards!!!


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