02 December 2009

Fidelman/Williams Family Portraits!

Meet the Fidelman and Williams Family!  This shoot was so much fun!  We went over to Gary & Sandy's (the grandparents) house for the session.  Tammy (below right) wanted to make sure that everyone was comfortable and the session would be relaxed for the kids and dads and it was.  It rained  off and on but we still made it work.  Everyone was super patient and the whole family participated with tons ideas and of creativity!  AJ, below left is actually an amazingly talented painter, check out his website. It seems like everyone else in the family is artistically talented as well with music, theater, and writing. 
Tammy wrote the next day saying everyone felt as if it was a family outing.  What a wonderful session!  Hope you guys enjoy the preview!

I can't believe it's already December!  It's a busy time of year!  If you haven't scheduled your holiday portraits, it's now or never!


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