09 February 2010

Katie's Bridal Portraits: Burkeshire Plantation

Katie & Josh tied the knot a few weeks ago in Conroe, TX at Burkeshire Plantation so I finally get to show off her bridals!  I absolutely love her dress and her look.  She is GORGEOUS!

Sorry I've been slacking the last few weeks on posting, we're really busy right now!  We have the Houston Wedding Showcase Bridal Show coming up at the end of the month and have been producing some awesome press goodies for that and updating the site, which if you haven't looked at our website in a while, check it out!  We've reorganized the galleries and put tons more images up!  I'll be posting more about our set design for the bridal booth and all of our graphic goodies as we get them in.  Hope everyone is making it through this freezing weather, can't believe it's this cold, hello we live in TEXAS! 

Anyways, here is the stunning Katie :) enjoy!


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