09 September 2010

Ashley's Bridals: Rustic Ranch & Longhorns

Joe and Ashley were married this past Sunday at Heather's Glen so I finally get to share her bridals with you!!!  Ashley wanted something really rustic with a 'Texas' feel and we definitely figured out the perfect place.  Her maid of honor knew someone who had a ranch and we pulled a few strings and WA-LA!  Tons of longhorns + old barns + a stunning bride = amazing bridals!  Although this shoot was a little scary with the huge longhorns all around us it was well worth it. 

I'll be posting their wedding blog in the next week or so and if you want to see all of her bridals, check out their website at  Hope everyone had an amazing Labor Day Weekend, I spent mine at the beach! :)  Enjoy!

Jenny Baugh

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