10 November 2010

The Ahrens Family: Studio Fall Session Spring, TX

I'm sure you're familiar with Keith, Erin, and Keegan by now. :)  This is their third appearance, well Keegan's second if you don't count in the womb!  I cannot believe how quickly he is growing, he is such a happy baby and I thought he was pretty advanced for a three month old.  It was great to get some good smiling pictures, and just incase you're wondering, it's dad that provokes those big smiles.  I really adore Keith and Erin and it's been really fun to see them go from the anxiety of being parents to becoming wonderful parents!  Hope you're enjoying seeing Keegan grow as much as I am!

And by the way... you can't hide from the holidays anymore, they're officially here! :) 

Jenny Baugh

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