10 November 2010

Baby Ava: Baby Portraits Spring, TX

Ava is such a sweet girl and she had a lot of endurance for this session!  I'll tell you one thing, she is a MOVER and a SHAKER!!  You have to love this age, they just want to see and do everything... only for 5 seconds and then it's on to the next thing!  We took these around Old Town Spring, so we were competing for her attention with many other things including: people, birds, airplanes, horses, and... you name it!  Don't worry though, mom, dad, and I made every sound we could think of and sang all of her favorite songs!  I'm sure we were good entertainment for the day for many people. :)  Ava is absolutely a stunning little girl and I loved every second I spent with her... these images will definitely convince you of that!

Jenny Baugh

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