10 August 2011

Chloe: Senior Portraits Spring, TX

Yay! Posting my first ever blog!! (By the way, it's me: Amy. Hi! Nice to meet you...)
So...I shot Chloe's senior pictures yesterday in Old Town Spring...she's absolutely stunning, isn't she?? Chloe was one of my students back in my former life of being a teacher. (Notice the PAST tense more teaching for me! I'm now a full time photographer with my Jenny!! Dreams coming true...)
Chloe is so much fun, I love her to pieces and I was so honored to be the one shooting her photos for such an important time. Her bestie Skylar was there too to help with hair and bag holding and such, so I snapped a few shots of the two of them...I hope you guys love these photos, I know I do! Lots more blog postings to come from be watching!

Amy Hughes


  1. some incredible photos! the last one is my favorite! ;)

  2. Congrats on the big jump to full-time photographer. I know you will do GREAT! Exciting!!! :) Just clicked over here from the 365 page. Love these pics so I linked in to see more. Awesome, wish you would have shot my senior pics! :)


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