19 August 2011

Doug + Lyndsey's Wedding College Station, TX

Doug and Lyndsey are one of the sweetest couples I've ever met and their families are just as sweet!  I loved getting to know these two through their planning process and just absolutely enjoyed being a part of their wedding.  They live in Dallas and were married in College Station at Hillcrest Baptist Church and their reception was at Traditions Golf Club.  Both of these venues were gorgeous and a perfect fit for these two! 

Lyndsey and her mother, Sherry did pretty much all of the planning for the wedding and Amy and I appreciated their attention to detail!  There were personalized touches to everything including the unity candles, programs, sign in tables, hair accents, garters, candy bar, display tables, hankerchifs, and the list goes on... Every detail was fabulous and we LOVED capturing all of them!   So if you're going for pink and grey as your wedding colors, this wedding will give you tons of ideas. 

Oh and my favorite part of the night... well there were lots of those, let me share two of them.  1: This reception was a dance party (as you'll see in the pictures) and it was SO fun to capture all of the action and 2: The very last song the DJ played he instructed everyone to go outside and line up for the exit and the bride and groom danced the last song, just the two of them (and me ofcourse ;) and it was such a special way to end the night.  I would highly recommend considering this to every bride! :)

Anyways, without further ado, enjoy the images!  Have a great weekend everybody and Doug and Lyndsey: we're so blessed you picked us to be a part of your day, we truly adore you two!!! <3

Jenny Baugh

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