26 September 2011

Billy + LaQuita's Wedding: Burkeshire Plantation Conroe, TX

Billy and LaQuita were married at Burkeshire Plantation in Conroe on 9.10.11.  They booked us a long time ago and I have to tell you that I just LOVE this couple.  They are so genuine and so in love.  Their wedding day had so many unique touches and it was a complete reflection of their relationship.  They did a reveal, which was so emotional, Amy and I were both crying!!!  The ceremony was heartfelt and the dance party at the reception went on all night long.  It was a wonderful wedding, and I'm glad to share the images with you.  This is just from the start through the ceremony, I'll be posting the reception in another post, this one already has wayyyy too many images!  Enjoy!

Oh yeah, and our vacation was awesome, I'll post a few pics sometime this week.  Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Much love,
Jenny Baugh

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