10 September 2011

LaQuita's Bridals: Burkeshire Plantation Conroe, TX

Well, LaQuita booked us oh I don't know, pretty close to two years ago for her special 9.10.11 date and I'm so thankful she did!  This bride is probably the most spunky and happy-go-lucky we've ever had.  Believe me, I follow her on Twitter, and she is absolutely hilarious!  Anyways, her and her sweet Billy are tying the knot today at Burkeshire Plantation so I FINALLY get to share her bridals with you guys.  She's beautiful and her dress is fabulous!  Enjoy!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and please know that Amy and I are praying for all of the firefighters working hard to tame these Texas Wildfires as well as the people who have lost their homes.  Our hearts go out to all of you, just remember God is in control.

Much Love,
Jenny Baugh

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