15 October 2011

The Proposals of the Weekend!

We both had very eventful weekends!  Each of us had the honor of photographing marriage proposals for people we know and love.  The first story is Jenny's account of Eric and Jackie's proposal and the second is Amy's account on Jordan and Steven's proposal :)

I know Eric because he is best friends with Josh, Amy's husband and when we got the call to take the proposal pictures I was ecstatic!  Eric had a great idea to tell Jackie they were taking couples pictures together because Jackie wanted to since they never had, but really it was just a cover so that he could propose and get it all on camera.  So we setup the session in The Woodlands, just like we would any other session and Josh came along to 'help pose' so there were no suspicions from Jackie what-so-ever. ;)  We started the session with a few posed pictures and then Eric gave Josh and I the cue and ... I'll let the pictures take it from there.  She obviously had no idea, and it was perfect! Congrats Eric and Jackie and thank you again for letting me be a part of such a big day in your lives!!!

 ♥ Jenny
The day started with family Christmas pictures. Steven was the wrangler of my son Jackson (until his curtain call that is) and I was shooting the pictures. Jordan, my sister in law, was completely unsuspecting of this very elaborate scheme that Steven put together, that the whole family knew about. She had no idea!!  As we took more photographs, we started inching toward the edge of the brick wall overlooking my father-in-law's ranch. Below it lay a creek bed, bone dry from the recent droughts, with the words 'Marry Me? ♥ Steven' in maroon rocks.
At an absolutely perfect moment, Jordan just happened to twist around and glance over her shoulder. She also happened to then spot those rocks....and that is where the waterworks began.
She cried like a baby, her sister Lexi cried like a baby, her father got a little choked up...even I was misty eyed behind the camera. My favorite moment was when Jordan said from behind her hands covering her face, "Is this for real!!??"  Steven made moment so perfect, so magical for her when he asked her to marry him. And of course she said yes! Congrats to both of you, I am so blessed to have been able to photograph such an outstanding event in y'alls lives!!

♥ Amy

Love Forever:
Jenny & Amy

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