22 December 2011

Jarrod + Kasey: Wedding at The Village Golf Club Conroe, TX

Watch out!  I'm about to blog a wedding!!!  I know that doesn't happen very often, and I have a confession to make... blogging a wedding is SO difficult for me!  I mean really, when you have to go through 2,000-3,000 images and pick your favorite 20-30 it just seems SO impossible.  I always pick too many, because I love all the details and moments and moments in between the moments... so that leaves me with at least 150 pictures picked and no way to possibly fit them all in one post!  Blogging a wedding is overwhelming to me.  So I've decided to make my New Years resolution and enforce it early... I WILL BLOG EVERY WEDDING WE SHOOT.  There, I said it, publicly! :)  I have been hiding from the task long enough, it's time to face the music... so here we go, practice makes perfect :D

Meet Kasey and Jarrod and their sweet sweet wedding at The Village Golf Club in Conroe, TX.  I went to high school with Kasey and was overjoyed when she called me about shooting her wedding.  Amy and I had tons of fun shooting it and just adored the amount of love flowing the whole night.  It was such a special night and I hope you guys enjoy these images...I picked too many, but hey, that's ok... right?  Too much is always better then not enough ;)  Hope everyone is having a great Christmas season!

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