20 December 2011

Texans Game: Texans Vs. Panthers Houston, TX

Last weekend Amy and I had the pleasure of going to the Texans game along with my husband and brother.  Going to the game is such an awesome experience!  It stinks that they lost, but hey, it happens and we're still going to the playoffs so it's all good. :) Amy's in-laws gave us the tickets because they are season ticket holders and our seats were AH-mazing, eight rows up on the 50 yard line!  You could hear the players talking to each other, it was so cool!  I wish I would have been able to bring my zoom lens for the pictures, but the rule is no 'professional' cameras at the game, so I tried to make mine look as unprofessional as possible. ;)

I must include a disclaimer for Amy, she is NOT a Texans fan... she is a Titans fan... yes I know, please don't judge her! haha.. jk ;)  She did buy a Texans shirt at the game **gasp** but I posted the zoomed in picture of us so that her husband wouldn't disown her! lol Football is one thing that Amy and I are both passionate about and we get along on everything football except for when the Titans play the Texans!  Well that and we're in a fantasy league together this year and it just so happens that we are playing each other in the Super Bowl this week!!!  How cool is that?  We beat out all of the boys :D  

Anyways, just wanted to share a few pictures from the game and say GO TEXANS!

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