09 January 2012

The Bridal Extravaganza Show Houston, TX

This weekend was an absolute blast!  Amy and I are SO exhausted, but being part of the Houston Bridal Extravaganza is one of our favorite parts of this job.  We love everything from designing the promotional materials, the booth, choosing the pictures, meeting tons of awesome couples, to being around other professionals in the industry.  I just wanted to share a few images from this weekend.  You'll see a few of our favorite vendors too, Bella Vista Productions, who make breathtaking videos, Ellanesque Weddings and Events, who are awesome planners, and The Princess Bridal's fashion show, the best dress shop we've ever been to!  Also want to send a HUGE thank you out to the Audio Visual Professional Group for setting up our booth, you guys rock!  (they setup Bella Vista's booth too)  The first three pictures are the booth in succession of setup, although I wish we would have taken a photo of the empty space before they started!  Enjoy!
Also I wanted to share our ad in the Texas Weddings Magazine :)

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