25 January 2012

Dirt and Diesel: Live at Tut's Conroe, TX

Let me just say that being on the stage and at the show for a different reason, photographing Josh Fuller and Dirt and Diesel at their live album recording, was incredible. Although I used to be the one up there singing, I found I didn't miss it so much. The excitement of shooting Josh's band was just too great! Their sound was incredible, the songs were insanely good and the crowd made the show. It was such a blast. Tut's was packed full. It was certainly a fantastic turnout and now it's got me itching to hear how the live album is going to come out!
I really hope you enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! (And yes, I did stand on the speaker to get some shots. Ha! I'm ruthless for that perfect photo, for sure!)



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