03 January 2012

Top 11 (aka 34) of 2011!

Well last year I posted a top 10 of 2010 so this year, I thought I would keep up the trend, but just couldn't narrow it down!  Amy and I had the hardest time picking and then ended up only being able to swindle it down to 34... so 34 is what you're getting. :)  We just couldn't bare to eliminate anymore!!!  The sad thing is, we only looked at wedding couples, we did not include any of our portrait sessions.  So we failed at picking 11, but hopefully you don't mind ;)  Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year, we did and we'd like to start the year off by sharing this post.  Also we had an AMAZING 2011, thank you to all of our wonderful clients, we really do have the best clients!

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