28 February 2012

Baby Peyton: Newborn Portraits Cypress, TX

I LOVE babies!!!  Whenever I get called to do newborn pictures, I get so excited.  There is nothing like the magic of a brand new baby and brand new parents loving that baby.  God's plan is so perfect and evident when I see new parents adoring their infant.  It's such a sweet season in a new families' little life.  This particular baby girl, is just absolutely gorgeous and I have to say that she did so well for this shoot.  Usually newborn sessions require tons of patience, feeding, changing diapers, and waiting for them to fall back asleep, but Peyton didn't make us do much of any of that... she was a natural! :) Hope you guys enjoy these images... she's so sweet. <3


  1. your photos are beautiful!!! congrats to you on using your talents so well!!!

  2. thank you so much :) I appreciate your kind words!


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