19 May 2012

Josh + Candice: Engagement Portraits Galveston, TX

Well good Saturday morning to everyone!  We've got a busy schedule of shooting this weekend but I wanted to get a quick blog post in for you guys.  Soooo without further ado, let me introduce Josh and Candice to you.  They are getting married at the Garten Verein in Galveston this September and wanted to take their engagements in Galveston to set the tone for the wedding.  There is one problem with Galveston, it's ALWAYS windy!!!  We rescheduled this shoot twice because there were 25 mph gusts... and the third session we figured 15 mph would work.  It did work, but you can tell the beach photos are pretty windy, the great thing is that these two aren't capable of taking a bad photo, so they look fabulous - wind and all :) This shoot was full of laughter, love, and fun and I loved every minute of it!  Hope you guys enjoy the images and thanks Josh and Candice, you guys are wonderful and I can't wait for your wedding!  Have a great weekend everyone, I'm going to try and sneak a post in tomorrow and then we'll be rolling out the red carpet for something special for Monday's blog post!  (so check back definitely on Monday, you won't want to miss this!!!)

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