16 June 2012

Hargett Wedding: Fantasea Yacht Kemah, TX

It is so hard to explain how much I enjoyed being a part of this wedding!  Trey and Vanessa had a nautical themed wedding on the Fantasea Yacht (where they had their first date) in Kemah, Texas.  This couple and their family and friends were so much fun; from the speeches to the dancing, the love and laughter never stopped.  Trey and Vanessa decided to do a 'reveal' or 'first look' before the ceremony for a number of reasons and Amy and I are so thankful they did, because the images we captured were well worth it... and Trey still had a tear rolling down his cheek when he saw Vanessa walking down the aisle towards him (look closely!).  Hope you guys enjoy the beautiful blue skies, sunshine, and love in these pictures.  Congrats Trey and Vanessa, you two are so special to us!

Oh and one more thing, the dancing pictures at the end... those are sugar packets... and the song was "pour some sugarrrr on meeeeee" so that's what they did!  It was priceless and a first in our wedding experiences. :)

Oh, and wait, one more thing!!!  Bella Vista Productions shot a new promotional video for us and it's up on the about us section, so you should click here to watch it, they did a fabulous job!  Ok, that's really it, enjoy these images and have a wonderful weekend :)


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