05 March 2013

Villarreal Family: Family Portraits Magnolia, TX

I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday!  I have special blog post today that I'm super excited to share with all of you.  About a week ago I had the wonderful opportunity of photographing a sweet family of ELEVEN (well eleven plus two fiances and one sweet soon-to-be granddaughter)!  I spoke to Cheryl over the phone when she booked with us and she explained to me the ages of everyone, but I just assumed it would be a multi-generational shoot.  When Sydney and I showed up, I quickly realized that the children were all brothers and sisters.  Not biological, but adopted brothers and sisters.  My heart just filled with joy over the faithfulness and obedience that this sweet couple possess -- see James 1:27 if you're not sure what I mean.  Adoption is such a beautiful picture of Christ's love for us, we're all adopted sons and daughters of Christ.

So, I'm going to post photos on this blog but also asked Cheryl to write a little bit about her thoughts on adoption.  So here's what she had to say:

"We decided to adopt because of a few reasons. One and the most important reason is because God asked us to. Another is because I was a foster child and I knew that the system was no place for a child to grow up in. They need a family. We have adopted 7 beautiful children. It has not always been easy but the fruit is worth it. My oldest was never suppose to have a life because he was told he had a mind of a two year old. He is 23 (a mind of a 23 year old) he has a job and he drives a car, he has a life. I would recommend to those who desire children or just want to adopt and are thinking about it. Go for it. Our home is full of laughter. Now the grand babies are coming. The blessings just keep on coming."

You guys have a blessed Tuesday and make sure to tune tomorrow for our first episode of Wedding Wisdom Wednesdays!


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