29 May 2015

Elizabeth: 10 Year Old Portraits Spring, TX

Well, I'm still alive ya'll, I've just been neglecting this poor blog. I have so many weddings that haven't made it here and tons of shoots too.  I'm about to do a big overhaul on the website, so be on the lookout for that! 

I wanted to share this beautiful girl with you guys today, she's so photogenic and just as sweet as they come.  Her mom always has her children photographed at 10, and I think that's an awesome idea.  Most of the time after the kids are over five portraits tend to get left undone.  So if you haven't had your kiddos photographed in a while, don't feel guilty, just set a specific age or time in their lives you want captured and make it happen!  I also think it's awesome that even though this mom has three kids, they get their own shoot at 10, such a great idea.

Hope everyone is staying dry out there!  Have a good weekend!

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