18 May 2016

My Icebox: Food Photography Houston, TX

Hey guys!  I hope everyone is having a fabulous week, things have been so busy this wedding season that I haven't gotten to blog much.  I hope you guys are following my Instagram and Facebook, I post there much more often than here!

Anyways, today's blog is a bit different.  I know we're all busy with our own stuff and one of the hardest things I find to consistently do is cook healthy meals for dinner for my family.  After I've gotten home from shooting all day, if I haven't taken the time to meal plan, grocery shop and meal prep to some degree, dinner ends up with to-go food from somewhere!  I hate that because I love to eat healthy and I want my family to eat wholesome meals every night.  So, getting to the photography part of this post ;) I have a dear friend who started a Houston based company called My Icebox.  It's incredible you guys, for anyone, but definitely for working moms like myself.  My Icebox does the shopping, prepares your meals and delivers perfectly portioned, freshly chilled meals each week to your doorstep.  All you have to do is heat them up!  I had the wonderful pleasure of taste testing everything I photographed (awesome right?!?) and it was seriously delicious, I mean really you guys, amazingly tasty food!

I like My Icebox over other meal delivery services for a few reasons:

1. They're local and I love supporting small local businesses.
2. Because they're local, the food is guaranteed to be fresh as it's cooked each week.
3. You don't have to prep the meal like some other companies.
4. I know personally how amazing their chef-inspired meals and sides are.
5. The menu changes frequently so you'll never get bored.
6. You'll be helping make my friend Ember's dreams come true!  :)

Here are a few photos from our shoot, you guys seriously go check out this amazing service, it will change your life! You can visit the website and see if they're delivering to your area yet!  

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