15 March 2017

Wedding Wisdom Wednesday: Communication

Today I'm having Rachel from Wed & Prosper give you guys some tips on communication and I couldn't be more excited!  Wed & Prosper is a wedding planning and design firm based in Houston, TX.  I love Rachel as a person and also love the amount of energy and effort she puts into planning alongside her brides.  Each wedding I've worked with her has been well thought out and perfectly executed.  I would highly recommend her (and do) to all of my brides.  She's got some great stuff to share with ya'll!  So without further ado I'll let her get started ....

Good morning! I am so thankful for the opportunity to share here on Jenny's amazing Wedding Wisdom Wednesday Blog! Jenny has shared so many good tips throughout this blog series, so be sure to look back at each of them. As a planner, I truly love making the wedding planning journey a joy for each of my couples and their families. I wanted to share a major piece of wisdom that I truly believe will help you and your family enjoy the planning process! 

Today's tip is: Communicate 
I have the honor of walking along side my couples and their families through all the ins and outs of planning their wedding.  Throughout that experience I have found that there are some really simple ways you can use COMMUNICATION to prevent problems as you plan. 

1. Communicate about money. 
These days people are paying for their weddings in non-traditional ways. Couples are finding themselves paying for some or even all of the wedding. If you find yourself in a situation where you and your fiance are paying for the wedding yourself it is VERY important to sit down and discuss how much you can afford to spend on a wedding and agree on who and how each of you will be contributing. If you plan to have your parents contribute to your wedding, have an HONEST and open conversation with them about how much they think they are willing to contribute towards the wedding and on what type of schedule they plan to have the money available. When speaking with parents about money for a wedding, never assume or expect that they can provide a certain amount and be open minded and gracious about what they can or can not provide.  Be proactive and communicate openly and honestly about what you can afford. 

2. Communicate with family and friends about your expectations. 
All too often, brides or their mothers find themselves disappointed or hurt by people involved with the planning. Once you are engaged make sure to sit down and have a conversation about what your expectations are for your mom and/or family members as well as your maid of honor. Someone can not live up to an expectation that they do not know you have for them. Also make sure to ask your maid of honor and your mother/family members if there is something they expect of you, something that is really important for them to be a part of or something that they really wanted to help with. 

3. Communicate with each other. 
Be sure to have regular check-ins with your fiance throughout the wedding process. Be sure to include your groom in some of the conversations or even better, ask him at the start which parts he wants to contribute to.  It is also really easy to get caught up in the wedding planning process and only talk about wedding things. It is important to continue to nurture your growing relationship as you go through your engagement period. Be sure to keep each other focused on the most important thing, your relationship. The details do matter, but the most important reason a wedding happens is because there is a love to be committed to and celebrated. 

Communication is key ya'll! Keep those lines open throughout the process. Be honest with those around you. Be patient, have a listening ear and remember that those around you care because they love you. Have an incredible week! 

I told you guys she's amazing!!  Hope you guys put these tips into practice!  If you've found success in communicating well, tell me in the comments how it went.  I'd love to hear from you.  Have a great week you guys!

Love, Jenny Baugh

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