20 November 2017

The Woodlands Family Portraits: The Miller Family

I love this precious family and they have been a blessing to so many around them.  This family lost their little girl, Sadie, a few short months ago and it's been such an honor to witness their strength and commitment to loving God even in the midst of terrible heartache.

Not long after the accident I sat on their back porch with Lindsey listening to their story, their struggles, and their unwavering faith through this storm.  She said she always wanted to incorporate something in their family portraits that spoke of Sadie and that there was one specific flower she felt represented the beauty and vibrancy of her spunky girl.  So we got the flowers (thank you F. Dellit Designs!) and they braved the difficult task of portraits without their Sadie and they turned out beautifully.  Will you be praying for this family?  Praying for peace, comfort, perseverance and unending faith.  I know they would appreciate it.  Also, Lindsey has a blog she started that is so inspiring and uplifting, so click here to check that out.  We serve a good God and people like this family remind me, he is good no matter what.

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